About Sun and Kris

Sun and Kris is a flagship company that owns and operates 5 Luxury Furniture stores in New Delhi named Arterio| Aakrati| indesign| Ambiance| TUS

All these stores are an uber luxury and cater to the top of the pyramid target group with an overall 1 lac sq ft of an area at a display. These stores showcase both bespoke and international range of classy, neoclassical, modern and contemporary home furniture

What was the challenge

  • Sun and kris wanted to increase awareness of these stores and drive customers to their physical stores.
  • To represent such a varied collection of furniture that ranges from Bespoke neoclassical to elegant and modern to flamboyant to edgy and contemporary
  • Key Giveaways were to be communicated by creating a brand imagery that would position the stores in the Top of the category within Its Peer group to make them stand out as a coveted luxury high street furniture studios
  • Client


  • Deliverables

    Multiple Digital Asset
    Lead Generation

The Results

  • Created an outreach program that increased brand traction both online and offline in terms of studio visits for the desired targeted group thus increasing YOY store footfall traffic by 30%
  • An integrated website and multiple digital assets including paid social helped in garnering more online tractions and thus paved for a very successful in-store sales campaign for the brand
  • A very successful and appreciated outreach program with the key influencers benefited the brand to engage with most prominent architects and interior designers of the city and thus creating a niche for its product within the trade influencers lobby
  • Multiple in-store designs and branding initiatives were key and instrumental to improvise on the brand positioning and communication needs of the stores

Campaign Objective

  • Create awareness among the new corporate individuals about the stores and make them realize that furniture is not just one more article but it is a piece of art
  • Create a brand position that would make Sun& Kris as a must to visit destination if one has a penchant for luxury & bespoke furniture
  • Improve traction by broadening the base of the Target group by identifying potential buyers from different demographics across the northern india
  • Create a brand awareness and increase traction with Key influencers in the category specifically Architects and interior designers


  • Created a brand imagery which communicated about the essence of the brand to its target group.
  • A integrated advertising campaign was visualized , shot and launched showcasing the Product and indulgence of lifestyle was highlighted through the campaign
  • Designed a launched multiple digital assets including new website that would highlight a combined brand showcasing the array of products across all the stores thus giving a larger than life feel to the brand
  • Launched a lead generation program through email marketing, PPC and Paid social to interact with right buyer book them a coveted appointment at the stores thus increasing the traction for the stores
  • Visualized and designed Multiple market collateral including digital Videos, Trade brochures , Schemes etc to influence Architects and interior designers with the upscale product availability for their projects at the store